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Our planet is changing.  Natural resources are becoming scarce.  We can do something about it.  Small changes in our everyday energy habits can have a big impact.

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My Story

I started my journey to go green a few years ago.  I wanted to do more for my home than just buy  energy efficient lighbulbs.  I researched Solar Power but it was expensive and I couldn't see how it would pay for itself. 

Last summer I met a person who worked in the solar industry and started a conversation about my options.  He told me about a company that provides solar as a service.  This is becoming more popular in recent years.

The concept is simple.  I pay a lease fee for my solar equipment.  Often there is no down-payment required. Once the system was operational, I began to pay a monthly fee for the service.  the monthly fee is less than my electric bill.

My system generates enough power each day that it has greatly reduced my electric bill.  I expect that I will replace my electric bill almost entirely. As we moved into Spring, my system actually produced MORE power that I used. The surplus energy gives me a credit with my electric company.  When I need to draw power from the grid, they use my credit balance first.   My surplus energy balance will carry me forward into the Winter months when there isn't as much sun to produce energy.  I see a savings each month from this process.  Over time it's really adding up for me and my family.


  1. How can I find deals like this?
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  3. Are there other products to help me go green and start small?
  4. Can I use back up batteries to store power from my solar system?
  5. Can my business save on Energy costs?

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