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Get deep discounts on your monthly bill.  You could save $1000s

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Qualified customers get a $50 gift card when they use our services.  Call for details.  We want to help your business grow.  We specialize in discount business Electricity and Gas.

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You can save money for your business and give customers incentives to visit too!  Save money and make money too.

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Multiple Suppliers Compete

We have access to multiple energy suppliers in your market. When they compete to win your business, the lowest price wins.  You save money!

Your Rate Is Fixed

Recent reports show that rates may increase as much as 10% in the coming years.  This higher cost puts a strain on your business.  Our process gets you the lowest rates possible and keeps them low for the length of the agreement.  You save money and grow your business.

Real Savings

Saving on your energy bill for Gas and Electricity gives you more money to put back into the business and grow.  That found money can mean alot to your business.  You could save thousands of dollars on your bills.  Our customers save an average of 27%!

Here's a Video from Semco that shows the rising cost of energy in recent years